Online Retailer Scammed K-pop Fan out of $150

TLDR; do not purchase from for K-pop fashion dupes

Pentagon’s “Violet” MV

My sister is obsessed with the K-pop group Pentagon. Twenty-years old and bright-eyed, she dropped $60 on the cardigan of her dreams. She did not do this lightly. She had what appeared to be the cardigan of her Pentagon-loving dreams, an advertised replica of the one worn by the members of Pentagon in their Violet music video, on her mind for months. MONTHS.

Pentagon Violet MV screenshot
The outfit from the Violet MV that my sister hoped to recreate.

She debated back-and-forth between whether or not it would be worth her hard-earned tutoring money to purchase the cardigan from a Japanese online retailer at the site:

Webpage of skilled

Finally, about a month ago, she committed. She had the perfect outfit planned for when she would finally see Pentagon live.

What she thought she ordered

Image of models wearing the purple and yellow cardigan. When ordering, you could not specify a color, only a size.
Image of the purple cardigan, a replica of the cardigan shown in Pentagon’s Violet MV

What she received: fake AF Gucci sunglasses?

The red flags (aka why you should not order from

  1. You could not specify the color when ordering, only the size. My sister was confused as to whether she would receive the purple or yellow cardigan. She assumed (very optimistically) that she would receive both. In regard to size, there was no sizing chart.
  2. The website item had no reviews.
  3. The website does not accept returns when shipping items overseas. In this case, my sister’s order was shipped from Asia (China) to the U.S.
  4. and the most heinous part: THEY LIED ABOUT THE PRICE. My sister was charged $150!? She emailed the company before even receiving the package — for both overcharging and failing to send a Tracking number.

So for anyone thinking of ordering the ☆ EYEYE☆ CHECK PATTERN KNIT CARDIGAN 2色 – XMM3MRBW2 from



☆ ☆ Information ☆ ☆ 

100 100% genuine products. Handling retail stores. Department stores. Purchased from the online mall 

◎ Basically we will arrange the product after receiving your order 
, 3 to 5 days before shipping takes. 
Please be aware in advance. 

Overseas Shipping (Included) 
-Delivery Method A: Korea Post Office– (Required 8 to 14 days from 

Shipping ) Overseas Shipping (Included) 
-Delivery Method B: EMS Special Delivery — (Required 3 to 5 days from Shipping)   
(The same in Japan) 

商品 The product will be shipped with a safe traceable service (guaranteed loss when accident caused) 

◎ Please note in advance that colors and textures may look different depending on the monitor environment. 

◎ Please check the stock in advance for more satisfying shopping 

◎ We will inspect after sufficient inspection and deliver it 返

品 For overseas shipping, we can not accept returns for customers’ convenience, so be careful Thank you for your purchase. (If you have any questions about size or color, please feel free to contact us.


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